14 Jul

9 year old Bridgette meets the team who saved her life

A year ago this week, Stephen Veneris was settling in for a night of football on the TV when he received a devastating phone call about his daughter. Eight-year old Bridgette had been diagnosed
27 Jun

DNA on SBS TV: “The story of humankind that is inside all of us.”

An SBS television documentary has used DNA to trace the ancestry of three high profile Australians, showing how important genetics is in understanding our past and our present. DNA Nation was produce
1 Apr

“Giving up is not an option” – how pathology helps Ron fight cancer

Fifty-nine-year-old cancer patient Ron Nothman says that pathology is a lifeline for him, his partner and his doctors. “For me pathology is critical. Sometimes it’s a cliff-hanger – waiting f
16 Mar

Pap test: a little awkward for a lot of peace of mind

Article by Melanie Whelan, March 15 2016. See the original Courier article here: http://www.thecourier.com.au/story/3792940/pap-test-a-little-awkward-for-a-lot-of-peace-of-mind/?cs=62 Young w
26 Feb

Saving Sarah: how pathology was vital when Sarah gave birth to baby Malakai

Sarah Davis is a Melbourne mum who truly understands pathology’s value for new and expecting mothers. When Sarah gave birth to her first son 10 years ago, she had had a good pregnancy and her deliv
17 Feb

Why paying attention to her toilet movements saved Deb Weeks’ life

When Deb Weeks was diagnosed with bowel cancer, she had been feeling the best she’d felt in her whole life. She’d turned 40 just months earlier and was in a “good place” with her health, fitn
29 Jan

“Thanks to pathology my little girl is now an amazing young woman”

Karyn Synnott, a mother of two from Hobart, knows that without pathology, her daughter Ashlee would not have been able to manage her Cystic Fibrosis and grow up to be such an “inspirational” young
28 Jan

“Without pathology I don’t know where we’d be”

In 2011, at the age of 70, Hamish Campbell was treated for kidney stones. He was referred to a urologist for follow up treatment who decided to order a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test as part of
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