13 Jan

Is Angus the cutest addition to the war on superbugs?

Angus the English springer spaniel is providing an unusually adorable way to detect superbugs in a Vancouver hospital. Whilst his human counterparts in germ detection may be confined to their laborato
15 Dec

How a blister led to a surprising diagnosis for Janet

Around ten years ago, when she was feeling tired and run down, Janet Glanville put the symptoms down to stress. At the time, she was under stress caring for her terminally ill parents, she had also
9 Dec

How a car test led to a cancer test, and saved Thomas’ life

UK cancer survivor Errol McKellar is helping raise awareness of prostate cancer from his garage in London. As reported by the BBC, Errol began offering discounts on MOTs (the British version of
28 Nov

Friends defy cancer diagnoses and gear up for charity bike ride

This story and image originally appeared in the Daily Telegraph   ANDREW Bloxsom has a long road ahead. After being diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukaemia, a type of blood cancer, the usu
15 Nov

“Throughout the last five years pathology has been a big part of my life” – tests help Ros fight 2 types of cancer

Wodonga resident, 72-year-old Ros Clauson has learned the value of pathology as a nurse, a pathology collector and as a patient with two different types of cancer. Ros began her healthcare career a
4 Nov

Ten-year-old leukaemia patient Bridgette becomes an inventor

Bridgette Veneris is fascinated by pathology and hopes to be a haematologist. In July, she was thrilled to see inside a pathology lab and meet the team who saved her life with a fast diagnosis of l
28 Oct

“They’re the unsung heroes of healthcare” – how pathology saved Jason’s life (3 times)

Hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid) affects around 5% of Australians. Jason Matthews, a father of two from the Sunshine Coast, is one of them.   “Last year I started to feel really tire
14 Sep

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