Bridgette Veneris is fascinated by pathology and hopes to be a haematologist.

In July, she was thrilled to see inside a pathology lab and meet the team who saved her life with a fast diagnosis of leukaemia.

When her parents received the diagnosis one Friday night she was rushed to hospital for an emergency blood transfusion.

She wants to be a haematologist when she is older but Bridgette has already ventured into the world of medical technology, inventing a dispenser for sticking plasters, after seeing her mother and the nurses treating her struggling with their packaging.

The ten year old came up with a dispenser similar to that used for sticky tape.

The roll of plasters would have perforated edges every 4cm to allow users to simply tear each one off. A protective plastic layer would keep the strips sterile.

The Herald Sun reported that her idea has seen her named one of four Victorian students among the nation’s best young inventors as part of Origin’s “littleBIGidea” competition.

Another medically inspired idea from one of the young inventors is flavoured medicine icy-poles to encourage kids to take their medication.

The national winner will win a trip to NASA in the USA.