28 Jan

“Without pathology I don’t know where we’d be”

In 2011, at the age of 70, Hamish Campbell was treated for kidney stones. He was referred to a urologist for follow up treatment who decided to order a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test as part of
28 Jan

Pathology gave Diane answers when no one else could

Diane from New South Wales was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis last year. “Last year, on the 16th May, I had a seizure at work. I’d had a terrible headache that morning so I left the office t
27 Jan

Brave Ben beat bowel cancer and now wants to be a doctor himself

Sydney based Ben Bravery was diagnosed with bowel cancer at just 28 years old. In September 2010, Ben was living in China when he first experienced gastrointestinal symptoms. Fearing a large medic
18 Dec

5 reasons people valued pathology in 2015

As we finish the year with over 15,000 supporters who have signed up to say they value pathology, we are taking a look at some of the reasons people have given for supporting Know Pathology Know Healt
18 Nov

How a blood test ‘just to be safe’ changed Robert’s life for the better

The image on the left is from a core needle biopsy of a normal liver. The image on the right is from a patient with Autoimmune Hepatitis. Could you tell the difference? Robert Harrod, a retired sh
14 Nov

Guiding cancer therapy

Bouncing back after lymphoma Olwyn is a Melbourne-based grandmother who likes to be in the thick of things. From her home in Melbourne’s inner north, she’s busy entertaining at home, visiting art
23 Oct

From patient to phlebotomist: diagnosis inspired Kerry to work in pathology

Kerry Thornton from Werribee in Victoria spent years in the dark over her rare condition. She was so impressed with the help that she got from various pathology professionals in her diagnosis, she ent
25 Sep

How pathology helped a father save his son’s life

In 2010 Lyall Smith, from Robinvale in rural Victoria, opted to undergo surgery to donate one of his kidneys to his then 31-year old son, Bradley. For Lyall, it was an easy decision. He was selecte
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