24 Jun

Pathology helps Karen fight cancer

Fifty-one year old Karen van Gorp has learned the value of pathology through her diagnosis and treatment for stage IV melanoma. Karen is a mother of three who was diagnosed with skin cancer after fin
14 Jun

Saving lives – fast

Major transfusion saves Riley’s life You’d never know to look at him running around, but 6 year old Riley came within a whisker of death just over a year ago. A spooked horse kicked him square i
14 May

Managing Myeloma

It’s fair to say Lynette’s had a rough trot of it recently. Widowed recently for the second time, she was still grieving for her husband when she noticed she was run down and tired. Naturally
23 Mar

Pathology confirms the cause of Erin’s ‘unexplained’ anaemia

Dr Erin Murphy, an emergency registrar based in Bendigo, knows professionally and personally the importance of pathology in diagnosing and treating patients. Erin has coeliac disease, a condition wher
4 Apr

Pathology Told Me My Ovarian Cancer Was Gone

Julie is a Melbourne based teacher and busy mother of three. It was an incredible shock to her when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013 at age 41. “I’d had low grade abdominal pain for
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