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    John Emmerson


    Phone: 03 7036 7805


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    Pathology Media Spokespeople

    Mr John Crothers
    Sydney, NSW

    Mr Crothers is Chair of Pathology Awareness Australia, as well as being Regional Director for Abbott Diagnostics and a trained Medical Scientist. Mr Crothers can provide comment on the current state and future direction of Australian pathology.

    A/Prof Graham Jones
    Sydney, NSW

    A/Prof Jones’ specialises in biochemistry and can comment on chronic diseases including diabetes, kidney disease and heart disease.

    Dr Petra Derrington
    Gold Coast, QLD

    Dr Derrington specialises in diseases caused by infectious agents including skin, chest and gastrointestinal infections, and hospital acquired infections.

    Dr Caitlin Keighley

    Dr Caitlin Keighley
    Wollongong, NSW

    Dr Caitlin Keighley is a Microbiologist and Infectious Diseases physician. Her special interests include antimicrobial resistance, and diagnosis of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses via molecular testing.

    Dr David Clift
    Geelong, VIC

    Dr Clift is an Anatomical Pathologist. His specialty subjects include skin conditions, gastrointestinal conditions including cancers, brain tumours, breast and ovarian cancers.

    Dr Ellen Maxwell
    Melbourne, VIC

    Dr Maxwell specialises in haematology. She can provide comment on blood diseases including cancers, bleeding disorders, thrombosis and transfusion medicine.

    A/Prof Rob Baird
    Darwin, NT

    A/Prof Baird’s specialty subjects include infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance, indigenous health and northern Australian health issues e.g. Dengue Fever.

    Prof Miles Beaman
    Perth, WA

    Prof Beaman’s specialty subjects are communicable diseases including HIV, viral hepatitis, influenza outbreaks, meningococcal disease and parasites.

    Dr Penny Yarrow
    Hobart, TAS

    Dr Yarrow’s specialty subjects include cancers, skin conditions and gastrointestinal conditions such as intestinal polyps, coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome

    Prof Graeme Suthers
    Adelaide, SA

    Prof Suthers’ specialty subjects include cancers that run in families and a passion to develop computer-based tools that assist laboratories to manage large quantities of genetic information.

    Prof Peter Collignon
    Canberra, ACT

    Prof Collignon’s specialty subjects include hospital infection control, antibiotic resistance and infectious disease outbreaks such as STIs, influenza and gastroenteritis.

    Dr Debra Graves
    Sydney, NSW

    Dr Graves is a medical administrator and has been the CEO of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia since 1999. Dr Graves’ specialty subjects include systems and regulatory affairs in pathology.

    A/Prof Stephen Adelstein
    Sydney, NSW

    A/Prof Adelstein is involved in research with the University of Sydney and is a clinical consultant at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Dr Adelstein’s specialty subjects include infectious and autoimmune conditions including HIV, lupus, autoimmune arthritis and allergies.

    Prof Jane Dahlstrom
    Canberra, ACT

    Prof Dahlstrom is an anatomical pathologist and her special interests include perinatal pathology and placental pathology to help families who lose babies or have problems during pregnancy. She also looks after the Pathology Museum at Canberra Hospital which is home to more than 1,200 specimens of human tissue.

    Dr Nick Musgrave
    Brisbane, QLD

    Dr Musgrave is a pathologist with Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology and an expert in gastrointestinal diseases. Dr Musgrave’s specialty subjects include conditions affecting the oesophagus and bowel/intestinal cancers.

    Dr Lucinda Wallman
    Sydney, NSW

    Dr Wallman is an immunopathologist with special interests in blood testing (serology) for autoimmune conditions, and specialised testing for immunological skin conditions. She is also trained as a clinical immunologist and allergist.