How Pathology Saves Lives

Pathology professionals are the unsung heroes of the medical landscape. Each and every day their work underpins preventative healthcare across Australia and the world, saving countless lives through early detection of health conditions, with cancer being at the top of the list. In disease progression, pathology is vital in helping patients manage health conditions for a better quality of life.

Contributing To Cancer Prevention And Early Detection

All instances of cancer are diagnosed by pathology, including cervical cancer, of which Australia has one of the best screening programs in the world. Cervical cancer symptoms often appear at the later stages of disease, which is why screening is so important. In fact, the latest estimates suggest that new pathology test methods (combined with the HPV vaccination program) could reduce cervical cancer rates in Australia by 15%. With prostate cancer being one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in Australian men, another area of note for the importance of pathology is the early detection of prostate cancer.

Pathologists deserve more recognition

Pathology deserves more recognition

Pathology is also directly linked to chronic disease management, with the results of pathology tests used to diagnose and treat conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks and cirrhosis of the liver. For example, In Australia, 30% of adults have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and it is set to become one of our most prevalent chronic diseases. One aspect of pathology here is that a new blood test may provide a safer, relatively pain-free alternative to liver biopsy for some people with chronic liver disease.