Why pathology is essential
to healthcare

Studies show that a good healthcare system cannot exist in a country that does not invest in pathology, recognising the “essentiality of diagnostics in healthcare systems at national and international levels.” In terms of government health expenditure, pathology gives an immense return-on-investment. Access to pathology tests is not only vital for individual patient care, it means that astute, cost-effective decisions can be made concerning disease prevention, the spread of illness and in combating disorders before they become chronic conditions.

Pathology Happens Behind-the-scenes

There are thousands of highly skilled Australian pathology professionals who you have never met who are looking out for your health. The main part of their work happens in laboratories far removed from the doctor’s clinic or the operating room. Therefore, the invaluable work of these skilled professionals may not get the recognition it deserves — simply because it is far less visible.

Why pathology is essential to healthcare

Our Role At Know Pathology Know Healthcare

The Know Pathology Know Healthcare campaign is to raise awareness of what pathologists and their teams do and the fundamental impact they have on healthcare in Australia. This is to address the fact that the role of the sector in healthcare delivery has not always been well understood. We are here to celebrate and support pathology and its role in maintaining standards in healthcare systems across the nation.