16 Aug

An open letter to Australia – Don’t Wait Mate

Dear Fellow Australians, Working together to keep you well The Continuity of Care Collaboration wants to remind everybody that while COVID-19 is taking centre stage, it’s important not to negl
18 Dec

An open letter to All Australians

December 2020 Dear Fellow Australians, The Continuity of Care Collaboration wishes you a happy festive season.  As we head towards a new year, we ask that you continue to focus on your health a
18 Dec

Webinar looks to the ‘Future of Healthcare’

The final CCC webinar of 2020 was all about the Future of Healthcare, featuring CEO of Pathology Technology Australia, Mr Dean Whiting. You can watch the video here:
23 Nov

An open letter to Victorians; your health is our priority

Dear Victorians, Your health is our priority Congratulations to everyone in Victoria – we have saved lives and brought COVID-19 under control with only a handful of active cases now in the com
18 Sep

Reengaging with healthcare; how your health professionals are keeping you safe

Many people have stayed away from health services during COVID-19 restrictions, so the Continuity of Care Collaboration’s webinar series is designed to provide information for consumers, health prof
18 Sep

Help us tell Australia: if you need pathology, Don’t Wait Mate

Pathology is the engine room of healthcare and throughout the pandemic, Australian pathology teams have done an amazing job; firstly by developing a test for a totally new virus in record time, and th
18 Sep

Australian healthcare organisations team up to say when it comes to healthcare, “Don’t Wait Mate”

Pathology Awareness Australia has joined with more than 30 healthcare organisations to encourage Australians to look after their non-COVID-19 health needs during the pandemic. The Don’t Wait Mate
13 Aug

Check out these webinars and join the conversation on healthcare during COVID-19

Pathology Awareness Australia is a founding member of the Continuity of Care Collaboration, spreading the message to Australians not to skip vital pathology tests and healthcare appointments during th
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