Pathology Awareness Australia is a founding member of the Continuity of Care Collaboration, spreading the message to Australians not to skip vital pathology tests and healthcare appointments during the pandemic.

The Continuity of Care Collaboration (CCC) is a group of over 30 healthcare organisations with a common aim; to ensure Australians continue to access the care they need for chronic health conditions and new symptoms during the pandemic.

As part of getting the word out and encouraging Australians to join the healthcare conversation, the CCC is running a series of webinars with speakers from across the healthcare spectrum, including pathology.

Previous webinars include a session on the background of the CCC with insights from a consumer survey which explored why Australians have been skipping healthcare, you can view the webinar video here

The CCC’s second webinar focused on rural and remote communities with speakers from rural healthcare and patient Brad Rossiter who kindly shared his personal experience. The webinar can be viewed here

The next upcoming webinar is on the theme of Consumer Engagement – re-engaging with healthcare, with speakers including a clinical microbiologist, representation from pharmacy and general practice as well as specialists in diabetes education and HIV support.

You can register to join the webinar on 14th August here

Further webinars are planned for the coming months with themes including:

  • Data Connectivity – new digital tools for health (Friday 4th September 11-12pm register here)
  • Preventative Health – re-engaging with your health
  • Tele-Trials and remote monitoring – advancements

For details of speakers and how to register keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages.