Jun 12, 2020 Continuity Of Care Collaboration - Hot Topics - New breakthroughs

Survey shows Australians delayed GP appointments and pathology tests, but patients starting to return

A survey of more than 700 people shows many Australians have delayed or avoided healthcare appointments and tests, but are returning as pand
May 25, 2020 Continuity Of Care Collaboration - New breakthroughs

An open letter to Australians – from 23 health organisations

Dear Australia, Let’s work together to put your health first COVID-19 caught us by surprise, testing our health system and testing our
May 8, 2020 Hot Topics - Pathology Explained

Thank you pathology, from NT’s primary school children

These pictures were drawn by children from Nightcliff Primary School in the Northern Territory to thank pathologists (and all those working
May 5, 2020 Continuity Of Care Collaboration - Pathology Explained

Take our 5-minute survey on barriers to accessing vital tests and healthcare

Pathology Awareness Australia has partnered with a group of healthcare organisations to address the drop in pathology testing and attendance
May 5, 2020 Continuity Of Care Collaboration - New breakthroughs

Pathology Awareness Australia joins collaboration group to support continuity of care during COVID-19

In an unprecedented move, a unique collaboration of 15 Australian health organisations1 has come together to actively support those living w
May 1, 2020 Continuity Of Care Collaboration - Hot Topics

How you can help spread the word – Don’t Skip Tests

You may have seen news stories and social media posts from various health organisations encouraging Australians to keep attending their medi
Apr 23, 2020 Continuity Of Care Collaboration - Hot Topics

Why Australians are being urged not to delay pathology tests during COVID-19 restrictions

People who need regular pathology tests to monitor and treat health conditions should keep up with their tests and medical appointments to a
Mar 27, 2020 Pathology Explained

Find out the story behind your pathology tests – in 60 seconds

In Australia we are fortunate in having a world class pathology service that is the engine room of healthcare. We've done our best to captur
Mar 2, 2020 Pathology Explained

Placental pathology – the ‘pregnancy diary’ that reveals vital data for parents

Pregnancy and birth are exciting and emotional times for parents, and pathology testing is important during a pregnancy, together with scans
Mar 2, 2020 New breakthroughs

Australia leading the way in coronavirus response

Researchers in specialist pathology laboratories in Australia are leading the way in responding to the outbreak of COVID-19 with teams in Sy