Apr 29, 2019 Hot Topics

From science fiction to science fact: the rise and rise of genetic testing

Once the preserve of science fiction movies, genetic and genomic testing is now becoming increasingly integrated into healthcare, according
Apr 29, 2019 Pathology Explained

Spotting viruses: how laboratories detect measles

Only five years after the World Health Organisation declared measles eradicated in Australia, the disease has re-emerged, with 92 confirmed
Apr 29, 2019 Pathology Explained

How are blood cancers diagnosed?

Blood cancer accounts for around 10% of all cancers diagnosed each year with around 35 Australians diagnosed each day with a blood cancer.
Apr 26, 2019 Pathology Explained


You may have heard the malicious claim bandied around that beards are dirtier than toilets. Some say it's an outrageous slander and #1 fake
Apr 26, 2019 Real-life stories

The Newborn Screening test that saved a twin

The Newborn Screening test (NBS), also known as the ‘Guthrie’ or ‘heel prick’ test, has been around since 1962, and will be familiar
Apr 18, 2019 Friday memes

Pathology memes

It's Easter time, so we thought we'd bled the world of pathology and Easter together and see what we could discover together. #5 - did yo
Apr 12, 2019 Friday memes


Health is always an issue around election time. Let's hear it for pathology y'all, I said let's hear it...ah forget it. Enjoy your memes.
Apr 4, 2019 Friday memes


'Tis the season for flu, and this time we focus in on a specific branch of the flu: man-flu...Behold! #5 - Let it be known throughout the
Apr 1, 2019 Pathology Explained

What is malaria and how to test for it

What is malaria? Malaria is an infectious disease spread by plasmodium parasites that enter the bloodstream, usually as the result of a m
Mar 29, 2019 Pathology Explained


We're in flu season people. Whoop, whoop, warning. We are officially in flu season. As a consequence, these memes are very germ themed. #