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Many people have stayed away from health services during COVID-19 restrictions, so the Continuity of Care Collaboration’s webinar series is designed to provide information for consumers, health professionals and anyone interested in health on important topics about maintaining healthcare during this time.

The Reengaging with Healthcare webinar focuses on measures being taken by providers to ensure infection control, as well as other changes to service delivery to provide better access to health services.

You can watch the full webinar here:

The speakers are:

  • Dr Michael Wehrhahn, Sonic Pathology
  • Susan Davidson, Australian Diabetes Educators Association
  • Dr Lara Roeske, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
  • Dr Tin Fei Sim, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
  • Richard Keene, Living Positive Victoria,
  • Leanne Wells, Consumers Health Forum

Dr Michael Wehrhahn was able to give some important information about how pathology providers are delivering services in a COVID-Safe way.

As a microbiologist Dr Wehrhahn is a specialist in infectious diseases, and it is a timely reminder for patients that pathology services in Australia have some of the highest quality standards in the world, and pathology teams were already experts at infection control, even before COVID-19.

Further webinars are planned for the coming months:

    • Preventative Health – re-engaging with your health (register here)
  • Clinical trials; Tele-Trials and remote monitoring – advancements

For details of speakers and how to register keep an eye on our Facebook page.

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