Pathology has achieved so much this year. Being able to create and validate a test for a totally new virus and to put that into practice in a matter of weeks was incredible.

Then to set up new collection sites in the community, to equip more labs with the instruments, training and supporting infrastructure to perform that test, and to deliver more than 10 million results for people across the country was a Herculean effort.

And what’s more, pathology doesn’t stop.

We know that many people in pathology will still be working hard throughout the break, not only doing COVID-19 tests, but providing urgent diagnostic information, cross-matching vital units of blood and helping look after patients in hospitals and clinics all over the country.

Australia has done a great job of containing COVID-19 and we are in a strong position heading into the new year. A large part of this is due to the hard work of our pathology teams, as well as everyone in the community following the guidelines to stay safe. We can all contribute by practising physical distancing, wearing masks as appropriate and washing our hands, to have a safe and healthy festive break. And of course, if you have symptoms, get tested and know pathology will be there to provide the answers you need.

A massive thank you from the team at KPKH to everyone in pathology for a year like no other, and for your continued dedication throughout the festive season and every day.

Pathology saves lives, we know it, you know it, thank you.