Because 70% of medical treatment decisions rely on pathology, it plays a central part in the entire Australian, and global, healthcare system.

Today, on International Pathology Day, Health Care Organisations (HCOs) and federal politicians join us in talking about how important pathology is for the health sector in terms of early detection, monitoring and treatment of health conditions. Below are some of the messages already sent to us via HCOs ahead of International Pathology Day.

We will be updating our Facebook page throughout the day with messages of support from our politicians in Canberra who understand the importance of Australia’s world-class pathology sector to delivering an outstanding healthcare system.

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Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation

“In most cases, cervical cancer is highly treatable if detected early. Pathology is fundamental in the early detection of cervical cancer – at ACCF, we believe that no child should lose their Mum, no partner should lose a spouse or no parent should lose a daughter from this insidious disease.”

 – ACCF CEO, Joe Tooma 

Cystic Fibrosis Australia

“Pathology is a vital tool in the CF toolbox. It supports diagnosis of infections, monitors and identifies co-morbidities  and ensures the correct interventions are offered.”

Cystic Fibrosis Australia CEO, Nettie Burke 

Diabetes Australia

“Reliable and affordable pathology tests are critical to the health of millions of Australians affected by diabetes. Over 100,000 Australians have been diagnosed with diabetes in just the past 12 months – with the use of pathology tests. Around 1.3 million Australians currently have diabetes and need regular pathology tests to help monitor and manage their health.

Pathology tests are an important part of guiding diabetes treatment. They can give healthcare teams and people with diabetes insights into their diabetes management and help them make decisions that minimise the likelihood of significant complications such as kidney problems, heart attacks and stroke, limb amputations and blindness.

Diabetes Australia is also advocating for earlier detection of diabetes as up to 500,000 Australians may have “silent”, undiagnosed type 2 diabetes – so we have recommended the HbA1c test be incorporated with other blood tests in emergency departments and other times when doctors are ordering a range of blood tests.”

                     – Diabetes Australia CEO, Professor Greg Johnson

Haemochromatosis Australia

“Pathology plays a vital role in the diagnosis and management of many conditions, including haemochromatosis. Without access to timely and accurate information about our genetic status, iron levels and general health our doctors would be working blind. Pathology providers even play a role in treatment with many people receiving venesections through providers. So on International Pathology Day 2018, we acknowledge and thank pathologists and their wonderful staff all over Australia.”

 – Haemochromatosis Australia President, Dianne Prince

GI Cancer Institute

“Pathology plays a pivotal role in the diagnosis and treatment decisions of patients with gastro-intestinal cancers. Furthermore, it is a crucial part of the research that continues to discover better and more personalised treatments for patients and ultimately improve their survival outcomes.”

 – GI Cancer Institute Chair, Professor Tim Price

Human Genetics Society of Australasia

“Pathology is key to the diagnosis and treatment of genetic conditions.  From complex whole genome sequencing to identify the cause of intellectual disability in a young child, specific genetic testing to ensure targeted therapy in certain cancers, to routine biochemistry to monitor the therapy of patients with inborn errors of metabolism.  All genetic professionals, whether doing the testing in the lab, treating or counselling the families affected by genetic conditions, value pathology and join you in celebrating International Pathology Day on 14th November.”

 Human Genetics Society of Australasia CEO, Dr Kevin Carpenter

Jodi Lee Foundation

“Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related death in Australia, but it doesn’t have to be. If caught early up to 90% of cases can be successfully treated. If you are proactive about your health and take the free government screening test from age 50 you can dramatically improve your chances of early detection. You can do the test in the comfort of your own home and mail the kit to the pathology lab, which plays such a vital role in early diagnosis of bowel cancer. I urge you to take the time, take the test. It might just save your life.”

 – Jodi Lee Foundation CEO, Kathryn Quintel

Kidney Health Australia

“Pathology tests are absolutely fundamental to the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of kidney disease, along with other chronic diseases. 90% of kidney function can be lost without any symptoms, so early detection is critical. Pathology tests can aid early diagnosis and can therefore help to reduce of the burden of kidney disease. We recommended people ask their GP for a kidney health check, or find out if they’re the ‘one in three at increased risk’, and take the online Kidney Risk Test at”

 – Kidney Health Australia CEO, Chris Forbes 

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

“Pathology testing is central to the diagnosis of prostate cancer not just in Australia but around the world. Every form of cancer is diagnosed in a pathology lab through pathology testing, so it’s important to have days like International Pathology Day that brings awareness to the vital role of pathology in the detection, monitoring and treatment of medical conditions. That’s why the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia are supporting International Pathology Day today.”

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia 

Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc

“The Skin & Cancer Foundation works closely with pathologists for diagnosis and treatment of complex patient conditions. Pathology is a vital component in diagnosis and plays an important role in the medical investigation of patient health issues. Our dermatologists work with pathologist in determining diseases of the skin, skin cancers and melanoma. The Skin & Cancer Foundation is a proud supporter of International Pathology Day and for raising awareness around the important expertise of pathology.”

Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc CEO, Chris Arnold