“Early screening saved me…” When Jaybee Serrano visited Blacktown Mt Druitt Hospital with a sore neck in April 2017, a simple diabetes test revealed that besides having a sore neck he was  also prediabetic.

Diabetes Event

Diabetes: the big picture There are currently 1.2 million Australians living with diabetes and a further 500,000 living with undiagnosed diabetes. With the figure projected to grow to 3.3 million by 2030…


The economic value of pathology report The 2018 Centre for International Economics suggests national diabetes costs – currently $14 billion – can be halved and health outcomes greatly improved through early testing…


How a blister led to a surprising diagnosis for Janet A decade ago, Janet Glanville was feeling tired and run down. At the time, she was under stress caring for her terminally ill parents and began feeling under the weather.


The medicinal power of the maggot Despite a negative wrap over the last few centuries, it turns out the maggot is a discerning creature regarding food. Which is good news for those with diabetes.


Both sides of the needle Pathology collectors like Kathy are the face of a large but largely unseen part of healthcare. But not only does Kathy test for diabetes, she is a diabetic herself.


10 Unusual Facts About Diabetes In Medieval Europe, doctors often diagnosed patients by observing  their urine’s smell, consistency and even its taste. Discover some other odd facts about diabetes

Politicians at the pointy end- learning first hand about diabetes detection

Politicians roll up their sleeves in Canberra usually that type of headline implies some form of parliamentary fisticuffs, but on 27 June they rolled up their sleeves to have their blood tested for diabetes and to spread awareness around testing.


The case for preventive medicine In most respects our health care system is leading edge by world standards. Yet it turns out Australia is decidedly average when it comes to spending on preventive health

You've heard of iron man, but what about iron overload man?!

Iron overload: haemochromatosis & diabetes In Australia, it’s estimated roughly 1 in 200 Australians of Caucasian heritage suffer from haemochromatosis, making it the country’s most common genetic disorder. 

Danse Macabre crop

Is western health today at the bottom of a nasty J curve? In the Middle Ages life expectancy was  short owing to shortages of food and medicine. Today ill health seems to  spring from the phenomena of abundance. 


Closing the gap on diabetes An Australian initiative has helped so many Indigenous Australians better manage diabetes it has been adopted by other countries to deliver better healthcare to their Indigenous populations.


The diabetes technology dilemma An estimated 1.7 million Australians have diabetes, a condition affecting the way the body processes sugar. Advances in technology provide data faster, but is there such a thing as too much information?

Ken Sikaris speaking at a Pathology Awareness Australia event on diabetes at Parliament House

“Chemical pathology chose me…” “Blood carries chemical information about what the cells of the body are up to. A good clinician can assess your health from the outside, while blood tests tell us much more about the inside.”


Behind the scenes There are over 500 pathology laboratories nationwide. These labs process tests for 1.25 million Australians living with diabetes. Take a look at the journey of an HbA1c test.