NAPWHA is Australia’s peak non-government organisation representing people living with HIV.  They provide advocacy, policy, health promotion, effective representation, and outreach on a national level for the 30,000 Australians living with HIV.

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Role of pathology in HIV

There have been huge improvements in the way HIV is managed since the disease first appeared in Australia over thirty years ago. Treatment has advanced to the point where HIV is now considered an eminently manageable, albeit chronic, lifelong condition.

With healthy lifestyle choices, timely treatment and good monitoring, people living with HIV are now able to live as long and as well as anyone else.

Regular CD4 counts and viral load tests help guide treatment decisions and assess progress. Full blood tests monitor for other conditions.

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Prince Harry took an HIV test



Prince Harry toured a sexual health clinic in London in July 2016 and took an HIV test in front of the cameras in an effort to raise awareness about the condition and encourage others to get checked out.

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