Australia and New Zealand have a wealth of pathology talent who will be in attendance to speak across all pathology disciplines at this year’s Pathology Update conference, presented by the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia. With the varied scientific and social program, it’s also an excellent opportunity to reunite with colleagues at the ICC in Sydney.

After a year of the COVID-19 pandemic taking centre stage, a look at the Pathology Update program for 2021 serves as a welcome reminder of all the non-COVID achievements, discoveries and discourse going on in the world of pathology that can impact patients’ lives for the better.

A prime example is Mackenzie’s Mission which was greatly celebrated when funding was announced back in 2018, and Professor Edwin Kirk will be at the conference to update participants on the latest developments.

Another presentation title that catches the eye when scanning this year’s program is Dr Jeremy Parry’s Will the bot take the lot? Looking rationally at the promises and threats of Artificial Intelligence in pathology. With digitisation, automation and AI becoming increasingly utilised throughout many aspects of modern life, including in healthcare, this will be a subject that is on the minds of many in the pathology world.

Looking further into genetic pathology, Associate Professor Mark Cowle will deliver a presentation with the intriguing title; Genomic dark matter: what secrets do the noncoding regions hold? With increasing utilisation of genetic and genomic testing in so many areas of healthcare, this promises to be a fascinating addition to the program.

Delegates have the added option this year of joining the conference virtually, but if you do plan to attend remotely then now is the time to secure your place as virtual delegates must be registered by 10th June.

All the information about registration, as well as the full program is available here.