The national body for people affected by all types of diabetes and those at risk of developing the condition. They are committed to reducing the impact of diabetes on the Australian community through education and research.


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Role of pathology in diabetes

Diabetes is a condition defined by pathology results. Blood and urine tests help doctors discover new cases of diabetes and can even indicate people at risk of developing the condition. This gives them a chance to implement lifestyle changes that may delay or avoid onset completely. Once diagnosed, regular blood tests tell doctors how well the condition is controlled over time and keeps an eye on well-known complications that can occur, including kidney damage and circulatory problems. Having a good understanding of how well diabetes is controlled can help reduce future hospitalisations, dialysis and amputations.

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Greg Johnson, CEO Diabetes Australia

Greg Johnson, CEO Diabetes Australia visited a busy pathology laboratory in Melbourne to learn more about the work that happens behind the scenes to diagnose and support people with diabetes.