While the festive season for many Australians means time spent with family and friends, maybe dipping their toes into the ocean, eating an ice-cream or experiencing the doubtful pleasures of camping, it also happens to be a period of work for many in the pathology sector.

And thank goodness for that!

Just like Santa and his sleigh, there’s no rest for thousands of pathologists and medical scientists who continue to work through the holidays in order to test blood, tissue and other samples that come into the lab and require diagnosis.

As we all know, illness doesn’t work to a neat timetable but all year round and at all hours, which means that pathology always has to be ready to roll, 24/7, ready to deliver the results that doctors and patients are waiting on.

It’s a fantastic service that Australians can’t do without, and as such we’d like to give a shout out to those dedicated staff who are working this festive season.=

Feel free to post a message of support to pathology personnel working on Christmas day below or on our Facebook account. Thanks in advance!