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How Does a Pathologist Help Us?

A pathologist is a medical practitioner that specialises in the study of the cause of disease and how these diseases affect the human body.
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“I often think of myself as a medical detective” – Dr Mikkaela McCormack on her role as an Anatomical Pathologist

Anatomical Pathology is the branch of pathology that diagnoses disease by studying organs and tissue, so Anatomical Pathologists need a broa
Who Works in Pathology?


Collection staff (also known as phlebotomists) need to take samples correctly, safely and with minimal discomfort. But more than this, a goo
Who Works in Pathology?

Medical Scientists

Medical scientists have university degrees that teach them about the human body and how to measure various bodily functions. Many of the
Who Works in Pathology?


Pathologists are medical doctors who have specialised in pathology. They have over 13 years of university/medical education and are experts