Aug 26, 2016 New breakthroughs

Liquid biopsies providing hope in fight against biggest cancer killer in Australia

Personalised medicine has revolutionised cancer care. Using pathology to test the genetic characteristics of a cancer, doctors can determine
Aug 26, 2016 New breakthroughs - Pathology Explained

DNA mapping: towards “A universal cancer test”

The chances are you’ve seen a headline over the last month along the lines of “Universal cancer test breakthrough”. But what is the te
Aug 26, 2016 New breakthroughs - Pathology Explained

“Barely a week goes by that we don’t come across something new” – pathology at the forefront of research

For the first time in Australia, whole genome sequencing is available, offering hope to Australian families affected by rare, genetic condit
Aug 25, 2016 New breakthroughs - Pathology Explained

CRISPR: the gene-editing revolution beckons

With potential applications in everything from gene therapy, drug research and diagnosing viruses Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Pali
Jul 29, 2016 New breakthroughs - Pathology Explained

Diagnosis of cirrhosis – new approaches to liver disease detection

Your humble liver could be described as the human body’s hard-working janitor - it furiously mops up compounds in our blood left over once
Jul 29, 2016 New breakthroughs - Pathology Explained

How Australians have been leading the fight against cervical cancer since 1978

Dr Colin Laverty was a remarkable man; a significant art collector, educator, writer and publisher. He was also a world-renowned gynaecologi
Apr 29, 2016 New breakthroughs

Time and money – how genetic testing improves targeted treatment for bowel cancer

Cancer treatment has made enormous progress in the last decade and continues to move forward at a rapid pace as scientists learn more about
Dec 18, 2015 New breakthroughs

Horror movies really can curdle your blood!

The word ‘bloodcurdling’ is often associated with horror movies, but a new study has shown it is legitimately associated with an increas