Many people are familiar with the stunning colour-saturated close up images of viruses and bacteria often found in media and TV shows. But did you know that the colour is false and is added either for scientific purposes or to simply make them look pretty?

UK based artist Luke Jerram challenges this representation by making gorgeous glass replicas of a variety of deadly infectious bugs. The transparent glass is a more accurate depiction of how these wee beasties really look.

His delicate creations resonate with the fragile nature of many well-known pathogens. People are familiar with the often ravaging effects these agents have when they are kept in their preferred environment inside a human body. But did you know that many viruses are extremely fragile and easily destroyed when outside the body?

It’s well known among scientists that HIV, for example, is easily killed with simple detergent.

Luke collaborates with virology experts at the University of Bristol and a team of glass blowers to make these beautiful sculptures.

Check out his artwork and travelling exhibition dates here:

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