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What is telepathology?

How does telepathology work? Telepathology is the term given to practising pathology from a distance, and involves the electronic transfer o
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How long will it take to get my pathology test results?

After a pathology sample has been collected by a phlebotomist or pathology collector, which is the health worker responsible for collecting
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How Does a Pathologist Help Us?

A pathologist is a medical practitioner that specialises in the study of the cause of disease and how these diseases affect the human body.
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The Value of Pathology Throughout COVID-19

Pathology is the cornerstone of patient diagnosis and underpins the Australian healthcare system as a whole. Due to its hardworking teams of
Apr 8, 2022 Latest News - Pathology Explained

Learn About Your Pathology Tests

What is a pathology test? A pathology test is the testing of bodily tissues or fluids such as blood, urine, or faeces to determine the pres
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How to Work in Pathology in Australia

A career in the Australian pathology sector is a great choice for any person, due to the interesting, evolving work involved, and the positi