23 Apr

Drones being used to transport lab samples in world-first

The use of drones to transport medical samples is not a new phenomenon. In 2015 CSIRO focused their annual unmanned aerial vehicle challenge on transporting pathology samples in rural Queensland. Zip
20 Apr

Australian researchers discover link between blood type and infection risk

*Photo by Todd Hardingham Australian infectious disease researchers at the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute have found that people with the blood type O (the most common blood type
20 Apr

Pathology in your pants?! How a pantyliner can help detect risk of premature birth

Premature birth carries risks of health problems for a baby. Many things can contribute to a premature birth, and many women who give birth preterm do not have any identified risk factors. However, it
18 Apr

Pathology saves the day when cosmetic surgery goes awry

This Medical Mystery is courtesy of Dr Allison Bond, a resident in internal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. It has been adapted from the original article in STAT News  https://www.statnew
30 Mar

A dangerous parasite, a hidden tumour and leprosy….pathology in Tasmania

Pathologists in Australia receive a range of samples from a broad spectrum of patients, particularly as around 50% of the population had a pathology test in the last 12 months. We spoke to Patholog
30 Mar

Finding the meaning of genes

We hear a lot in the news about breakthroughs in genetics but there is still a lot that isn’t known about our genes. The good news is it has never been easier for scientists and doctors around the w
30 Mar

What is overdiagnosis and what should we do about it?

The term overdiagnosis is not one most patients are familiar with and in medical circles is highly controversial. There is some debate around a definition of the term. Professor Jenny Doust of Bond
22 Mar

Parliamentarians pursue diabetes checks

(Pictured L-R: Greg Johnson, CEO Diabetes Australia, Rowan Ramsey MP, Pat Roche, John Crothers, Chairman PAA, Graham Jones, Ambassador PAA) On 22 March 2017 Pathology Awareness Australia and Diabe
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