26 Jan

Forensic pathology: when the lab meets the law

There are several ways in which pathology testing has become an essential legal tool. Many of us are familiar with the breathalyser test used by police to check the blood alcohol level of drivers.
23 Jan

Blood test could be used to predict Ebola deaths

In 2014 western Africa was in the grips of the worst outbreak of Ebola ever recorded. By 2016 it had killed more than 11,000 people. One of the questions on researchers' minds since the outbreak wa
17 Jan

Blood transfusions save lives but are they anti-aging?

It seems like there's a new health fad hitting the headlines every other week these days but this one has caught our attention - and not in a good way. A California-based startup, Ambrosia, is enr
16 Jan

Beautiful glass sculptures reveal the delicate nature of viruses

Many people are familiar with the stunning colour-saturated close up images of viruses and bacteria often found in media and TV shows. But did you know that the colour is false and is added either for
13 Jan

Is Angus the cutest addition to the war on superbugs?

Angus the English springer spaniel is providing an unusually adorable way to detect superbugs in a Vancouver hospital. Whilst his human counterparts in germ detection may be confined to their laborato
12 Jan

How people power plus paper makes a 20-cent centrifuge

A centrifuge is a highly important tool in pathology laboratories. The instrument spins samples very fast and the centrifugal force created separates different cells, such as red blood cells from plas
5 Jan

The commonly used blood test that could save even more lives

A study published on Christmas day has shown that a blood troponin test could be a more effective way of assessing future heart disease risk than blood pressure or cholesterol. The study, publish
20 Dec

Mobile antibiotic resistance test could reduce superbugs in warzones

A new portable testing device could help healthcare workers identify bacterial infections in areas without access to modern pathology facilities, including warzones or rugged locations. The World H
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