29 Oct

David swapped a life on the land for a career in the lab

Since entering the world of pathology in 1974, medical scientist, David Nielsen, has witnessed enormous changes. Automation of testing procedures, centralised blood collection processes, quicker te
29 Oct

Automatic reporting improves kidney patient outcomes

There are 1.7 million Australian adults out there with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), and amazingly 90% of them don’t know they have it. For over 1.5 million Australian adults, CKD is asymptomatic, b
29 Oct

Allergies: Australia’s 365 day-a-year problem

Most people equate spring with allergies, but the fact is that allergies are a 365-day-a-year problem in Australia. With Australia’s vast landmass comes enormous variation in plant life and weath
29 Oct

Navigating pregnancy and genetic tests

While testing for Down syndrome has been a feature of pregnancy screening for decades, new research by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute shows that risk for conditions like cystic fibrosis,
24 Oct

International Pathology Day 2018: Tell us your pathology tales

We want to hear your stories of pathology, from funny to fascinating, heart-warming to hair-raising and everything in between.  Tell us why you work in pathology, what you love about it or how pathol
17 Oct

New blood test could spare cancer patients chemotherapy

A newly developed blood test could alter the way cancer is treated and potentially help patients avoid chemotherapy. The blood test, also called a “liquid biopsy” is being trialled all across A
25 Sep

Thyroid disease: an historic problem that won’t go away

There’s something a little bit different about Tasmania. Not just the landscape but the people as well. Pathologist Dr Lawrie Bott, who practiced medicine in Tasmania for 10 years and who has con
25 Sep

Research into testing techniques could put allergy anxieties to bed

“Are you allergic to anything?” It’s a question asked in many settings, and perhaps most importantly in medicine. Any number of allergies might be relevant to healthcare, sometimes in unexpec
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