8 Dec

Australian researchers developing blood test to determine impact of concussion

People who have suffered from concussion may soon be able to take a simple blood test to determine i
5 Dec

“A simple test can save your life”: bowel cancer still second biggest cancer killer

Bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in Victoria, but early diagnosis and lifestyle chan
4 Dec

Could we replace donated blood with artificial blood?

Photo credit: http://www.health.mil/News/Articles/2015/08/27/The-emerging-world-of-cold-store-platel
2 Nov

Australian scientist in new global genomic search for cancer cures

An ambitious global genomic research project has been announced to identify new ways to prevent and
2 Nov

Pathology is vital in all healthcare, and that includes mental health

In what could be an exciting breakthrough, a Cambridge University researcher, Dr Sabine Bahn has dev
3 Oct

New test could offer easier monitoring for millions with emerging chronic liver disease

A new blood test may provide a safer, relatively pain-free alternative to liver biopsy for some peop
29 Sep

Could the answer to antibiotic resistance lie with a 25-year old from Melbourne?

Earlier this month all 193 UN member states agreed to combat the growing threat of antibiotic resist
22 Sep

Cholesterol testing: changes imminent

This article first appeared in 6minutes on 20th September 2016. Read the original here Non-fasting
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