Detecting Diabetes at Australian Parliament House

In March 2017 Pathology Awareness Australia visited Parliament House to educate politicians on the growing burden of diabetes in Australia and the role pathology plays in tackling it. The event was hosted in conjunction with Diabetes Australia and the Parliamentary Friends for Diabetes.

Nine year old Leukaemia patient visits pathology laboratory

In July 2016 we took 9-year old Bridgette inside the pathology lab where her leukaemia was first diagnosed one year earlier. Bridgette wants to be a haematologist when she’s older so it was a delight to show her what goes on behind the scenes – and what she’ll hopefully be doing herself one day!

Kidney transplant patient Pam visits Hobart Pathology

In September 2014 Senators for Tasmania Catryna Bilyik and Carol Brown joined kidney transplant patient, Pam, on a tour of the Hobart Pathology lab to find out how pathology services support transplant patients throughout their journey.

Cathy Freeman goes inside the engine room of healthcare

In June 2014 Cathy Freeman toured the pathology lab that processes her blood tests to help her monitor her diabetes. She was staggered by the sheer size and number of highly skilled scientists she met. This compilation video features footage of Cathy’s reactions.

Lung transplant patient meets her pathology team

In December 2016 we joined Melbourne transplant patient, Wendy Jenkins, on the ten year anniversary of her life saving lung transplant operation. To celebrate her fantastic milestone we took her into the pathology lab at the Alfred Hospital to meet the team working behind the scenes who have supported her throughout her journey.