Professor Peter Colman heads up the Diabetes & Endocrinology Unit at a major metropolitan hospital. This medical specialty examines imbalances of the body’s hormones, and is heavily reliant on pathology tests for diagnosis and management.

“Pathology is absolutely key, we just could not look after people properly without pathology.”

“For diabetes, pathology can identify kidney complications before symptoms begin. By the time people are symptomatic, it can be too late. Early detection avoids amputations or kidney transplants, which not only helps the patient, it saves healthcare dollars.”

Professor Colman also performs research into diabetes, and pathology has an important role there, in assessing the safety and efficacy of new treatments for diabetes.

“Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that is set to strangle the health system financially. Pathology can help prevent or delay onset, and improve management, which reduces healthcare spending.”

“Fortunately, the quality of pathology services in Australia is very high. In my experience, the level of quality control is incredibly strong.”