27 Jul

An ethical trendsetter: Dr Nikolajs Zeps wins NHMRC Ethics Award

Pathology Awareness Australia ambassador, Dr Nikolajs Zeps has been honoured with a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Ethics Award in recognition of his leadership in the developmen
27 Apr

Lab tales: a week providing life saving blood

Pathologist Ellen Maxwell reflects on a week in haematology. Last week on call started with simultaneously juggling two young male patients with severe anaemia from autoimmune haemolysis. This i
30 Mar

A dangerous parasite, a hidden tumour and leprosy….pathology in Tasmania

Pathologists in Australia receive a range of samples from a broad spectrum of patients, particularly as around 50% of the population had a pathology test in the last 12 months. We spoke to Patholog
17 Mar

Great hair day as medical scientist raises thousands for cancer research

Paul Zerafa has just had a great hair day. Having grown his hair in dreadlocks for just over 12 years, today he took part in the World’s Greatest Shave and raised over $9,000 for the Leukaemia Found
15 Nov

“Without pathology tests, we would be guessing” health professionals know the value of testing

After the sample collection, pathology staff tend to have little interaction with patients, so for International Pathology Day we spoke to three health practitioners to find out what pathology means f
14 Oct

“My head was sewn up & I resumed my work!” How labs have changed since the ’70s

Medical Scientist John Cooper set up the first pathology laboratory in the regional town of Cowra, New South Wales more than forty-five years ago and has seen enormous changes come into the lab over t
30 Aug

Australian-developed HPV vaccine has halved cervical cancer rates in just ten years

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the world’s first cancer vaccine and a report released last month has highlighted some pretty amazing consequences of that vaccine. The Human Papillomavi
29 Jul

AIMS honours the best medical scientists in Queensland

The Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS) Queensland Branch announced the winners of the inaugural AIMS Queensland Medical Science Awards last week, to recognise and celebrate the excellen
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