13 Nov

What does a blood collector do?

13 Nov

Support for International Pathology Day

Because 70% of medical treatment decisions rely on pathology, it plays a central part in the entire Australian, and global, healthcare system. Today, on International Pathology Day, Health Care Org
29 Oct

David swapped a life on the land for a career in the lab

Since entering the world of pathology in 1974, medical scientist, David Nielsen, has witnessed enormous changes. Automation of testing procedures, centralised blood collection processes, quicker te
24 Oct

International Pathology Day 2018: Tell us your pathology tales

We want to hear your stories of pathology, from funny to fascinating, heart-warming to hair-raising and everything in between.  Tell us why you work in pathology, what you love about it or how pathol
25 Sep

The Australian medical scientist saving Cambodian kids for two decades

When the Khmer Rouge seized power in Cambodia in 1975 they reset the hands of history. To make a clean break with their nation’s history, the first year of party’s rule would be known as Year Zero
31 Aug

The medicinal power of the maggot; medieval myth or medical marvel?

Movie-goers may recall the scene in the box-office hit Gladiator when Russell Crowe, aka Marcus Aurelius, is being wheeled upside and half-conscious on a chariot through the dusty roads of Spain by sl
26 Jul

“I didn’t choose Chemical Pathology, rather it chose me” – Dr Ken Sikaris on being a chemical pathologist

Chemical pathology involves analysis of bodily fluids for diagnostic and health monitoring purposes. Chemical pathologists are medical doctors, with at least 13 years of training, who specialise in ba
29 Jun

Vale Dr Peter Harman

The Australian pathology profession has lost a passionate and determined advocate with the passing of Dr Peter Harman from pancreatic cancer earlier this month. Whilst his name may not be well-known t
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