29 Oct

Allergies: Australia’s 365 day-a-year problem

Most people equate spring with allergies, but the fact is that allergies are a 365-day-a-year problem in Australia. With Australia’s vast landmass comes enormous variation in plant life and weath
25 Sep

Thyroid disease: an historic problem that won’t go away

There’s something a little bit different about Tasmania. Not just the landscape but the people as well. Pathologist Dr Lawrie Bott, who practiced medicine in Tasmania for 10 years and who has con
25 Sep

Politicians receive prostate tests at parliament house

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month, and to underscore its importance, Pathology Awareness Australia and the Parliamentary Friends of Prostate Cancer Awareness invited male parliamentarians a
24 Sep

CIE report outlines benefits of pathology testing

The Centre for International Economics (CIE) has released their 2018 report  The economic value of pathology: achieving better health, and a better use of health resources which suggests that inves
31 Aug

What’s behind Australia’s syphilis outbreak and the rise of STIs?

In what Minister for Indigenous Health, Ken Wyatt, described as a ‘surge response’, on 8 August the federal government injected an emergency $8.8 million into tackling an outbreak of syphilis in N
31 Aug

The case for targeted preventive healthcare

Australians travelling overseas and needing medical treatment will be familiar with the leading-edge quality of our health system – from our hospitals, pharmaceutical benefits system and pathology l
31 Aug

Is health in the western world at the bottom of a nasty J-curve?

For most of human history one of the major threats to a long life was scarcity: in particular scarcity of food and medicine. Hunger and disease made life – to paraphrase the 17th century philosopher
26 Jul

FOFO a no-no; five good reasons to do the bowel screening test

Those in contact with young people may be familiar with the acronym FOMO. For those not in the know, FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out. But very few people will be familiar with the acronym FOFO –
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