Santa isn’t the only one busy at Christmas. While many of us tuck into a festive feast and spend time with the family on 25th December, there is an army of pathology workers for whom the day is business as usual.

Rhiz Ramos has been a medical scientist for 15 years, so she knows that sometimes the job has to come before a lot of other things, including Christmas lunch. The mother of three will be swapping stockings for Petri dishes as she runs the microbiology department on Christmas Day.

“Patients get sick all year round which means that our lab staff need to be available 24/7. We know that’s a part of what we have to sacrifice for the work we’re committing to for the greater good.”

There will be thousands of pathology personnel on duty this Christmas, now is your chance to thank them for their hard work by sending a message. Simply fill out the form below to send a festive message of gratitude their way.

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