hepatitis-australia-2Improving health and social outcomes for all Australians at risk of, or living with hepatitis B or hepatitis C. They pay particular attention to those groups which are at higher risk of infection or have a disproportionate burden of chronic disease.

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Role of pathology in hepatitis

Pathology services are essential in delivering effective outcomes for the estimated 435,700 Australians living with chronic hepatitis B or C. Blood tests can reveal the type of infection and help doctors select the most appropriate treatment, as well as monitor the patient’s progress. Liver biopsies in pathology labs can assess long-term liver damage and guide decisions about organ transplantation. For people working in high-risk professions, blood tests following immunisation can show whether further vaccinations are needed.

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Will Hepatitis C be extinct in 15 years?



The Australian federal government has targeted Hepatitis C for eradication and in March 2016 several new drug treatments were added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) meaning patients can access drugs at an affordable price.

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