27 Oct

Pathology staff are the “silent champions” of our donated blood supply system

National Blood Authority values pathology The head of Australia's National Blood Authority, Leigh McJames, has described pathology workers as the 'silent champions' of one of the safest and most effe
23 Oct

“I couldn’t do without it” – what General Practitioners think of pathology

General Practitioners (GPs) are the most visible and well known part of healthcare. Dealing with a plethora of health issues from athlete’s foot to anaemia, coeliac disease to cancer, GPs require pa
23 Oct

The hidden heroes on the frontline of healthcare: the role of pathology in a hospital setting

“We save lives. We're on the front line of the emergency department and intensive care units.” This was the response we got from one pathology professional when we asked him to summarise his jo
25 Sep

Yes Prime Minister – Malcolm Turnbull suggests a TV show about pathology

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull learns about the engine room of healthcare Malcolm Turnbull may have been in the news a lot recently following his election to leader of the Liberal Party, making him
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