Patients across Australia will soon be receiving more than a ‘sharp scratch’ and a band aid when they visit pathology collection centres.

Starting in late July, pathology collectors across Australia will be giving a special business card to every patient they see which tells the patient about the Know Pathology Know Healthcare campaign.

Know Pathology Know Healthcare is all about helping patients to become more informed about their healthcare and the vital role of pathology.

The majority of pathology work is done in laboratories away from public view, so interactions with pathology collectors are often the only time when most patients will meet a person who is part of the team that delivers their test results.

Know Pathology Know Healthcare is using these interactions as our opportunity to reach out to patients and tell them about the initiative and what’s in it for them.

The business cards direct patients to the Know Pathology Know Healthcare website. As well as containing information about what pathology is, plus news and patients stories, the website gives patients access to the Lab Tests Online database where they can find out more about their tests.

The business cards give busy collectors an easy way to spread the word and help patients become better informed about their healthcare.

In dealing with patients every day, collectors are already the face of pathology, representing the 25,000 Australians who work in the profession. The business cards offer another way collectors can help to educate patients about the world of pathology.

If you’re not already a supporter, sign up at our homepage to stay informed about campaign activities and pathology news.