Oct 8, 2016 Who Works in Pathology?


Collection staff (also known as phlebotomists) need to take samples correctly, safely and with minimal discomfort. But more than this, a goo
Oct 8, 2016 Who Works in Pathology?

Medical Scientists

Medical scientists have university degrees that teach them about the human body and how to measure various bodily functions. Many of the
Oct 8, 2016 Who Works in Pathology?


Pathologists are medical doctors who have specialised in pathology. They have over 13 years of university/medical education and are experts
Oct 4, 2016 About Us

The Value Of Pathology

Pathology saves healthcare dollars too by aiding in early diagnosis, prevention and effective treatment.
Oct 4, 2016 About Us

Learn About Your Tests

Read about your pathology tests using the plain-English easy to navigate Lab Tests Online database. If you've been given one of the
Oct 4, 2016 About Us

Pathology Saves Lives

More than 40 healthcare charities and organizations have pledged their support for Australian pathology.
Sep 29, 2016 New breakthroughs

Could the answer to antibiotic resistance lie with a 25-year old from Melbourne?

Earlier this month all 193 UN member states agreed to combat the growing threat of antibiotic resistance. At the general assembly last week
Sep 26, 2016 Australian Greens

Adam Bandt MP

Member for Melbourne VIC