Organization comprised of members from diverse scientific and medical backgrounds working within the areas of blood transfusion and transfusion medicine.

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Role of pathology in blood transfusion

Pathology testing of donated blood is vital to safe transfusion. Testing is used to ensure the compatibility between donor and recipient, minimise the risk of transmission of infection and indentify donors whose donations are not suitable for transmission.

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Riley’s story

6 yo Riley Nixon knows a thing or two about pathology... he had five times the volume of his blood tranfused after being kicked in the chest by a horse last year. Member for Riverina Michael McCormack toured the WBH Pathology unit with Dr Peter Harman, from Pathology Awareness Australia. Acting laboratory manager Pathology West Naomi Hocker showed the lads around the lab


You’d never know to look at him running around a year later, but when he was just five years old Riley came within a whisker of death. A spooked horse kicked him square in the chest and Riley collapsed instantly. Medical staff at the Wagga Base Hospital worked furiously to stem massive blood loss from a cut in his liver. Supporting the front-line team was pathology.

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