As we finish the year with over 15,000 supporters who have signed up to say they value pathology, we are taking a look at some of the reasons people have given for supporting Know Pathology Know Healthcare.


Many of our supporters’ lives have been affected by cancer, which means they truly know the value of pathology. This may be through a friend or family member experiencing cancer, or from their own experience. All cancers are diagnosed by pathology and it is also vital in guiding treatment, monitoring patients and assessing risk of cancers that run in families.

Early detection of cancer gives a greater chance of treatment being effective. One supporter told us:

I have had a number of ‘path’ tests over the years, perhaps the most significant being those which led to a diagnosis of cancer, followed by successful treatment. Subsequent tests have shown I’m free of the cancer. My heartfelt thanks to pathology.”

Managing a chronic health condition

A large number of our supporters have signed up because they need pathology testing to manage a chronic health condition such as diabetes, heart disease or autoimmune conditions such as coeliac disease. Pathology monitors a patient’s health and their response to medication including side effects or adverse reactions.

One of our supporters put it this way: “I have several health conditions which require regular monitoring via blood tests. Accurate, reliable results are critical to maintaining good management.”

Becoming a parent

There are plenty of mums, dads and grandparents amongst our supporters. Many have said they value pathology for the health of their children through prenatal testing, newborn screening and health checks during childhood. Pathology was personally important for this mum:

I almost died having my daughter, I had my blood taken over 50 times in 3 months, the pathology collectors were always extremely nice and they would explain every time what the test was for. I am now a single mum with a daughter starting school and I’m studying to be a pathology collector myself.”

Preventative health

Many of those who have signed up as supporters see pathology as a tool to manage their ongoing health.

Pathology tests are going to help our family track hereditary health issues.”

“We need pathology to find out medical information. Without it, doctors don’t have all the answers!”

“Peace of mind knowing that my family and I are healthy.”

Hidden healthcare heroes

Many supporters work in the pathology profession and want to help the community understand more about tests and their vital role in healthcare. These supporters are the hidden healthcare heroes who take blood, examine samples, interpret test results and consult with doctors; delivering answers as well as the important “all clear”.

Pathology never sleeps, so thank you to all collectors, medical scientists, pathologists and support staff – particularly those working over the Christmas period.

One pathology professional who signed up this year said: “We save lives. We’re on the front line of the Emergency Department and intensive care units.”

Here’s to saving more lives in 2016 and delivering more sighs of relief.