16 Nov

Analyse this: so what exactly goes into diagnosing coeliac disease?

A lab worker loads spun blood tubes onto a machine for processing and testing Many people with coeliac disease know that getting a confirmed diagnosis can be a long process, so how exactly is this
11 Nov

It’s getting hot in here….

Neisseria gonorrhoaea bacteria - responsible for gonorrhoea infections With an El Nino event forecast for summer 2015, it seems Australian pathology staff will be kept on their toes ensuring STIs a
23 Oct

“Pathology is vital when you’re battling cancer”

It is an impressive statistic that pathology is used to diagnose 100% of cancers, but this is not the end of pathology’s involvement in helping people with cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awaren
25 Sep

Fact not fiction: five pathology myths debunked

As the ‘black box’ of healthcare, pathology is plagued by perpetual myths and misunderstandings. We’re sharing five of our favourites but we want to hear from you too. What’s the most commo
21 Aug

The 50 year old blood test still saving lives

Many people may not be aware that every Australian’s first encounter with pathology takes place within the first few hours of life. Babies born in Australia are tested using a ‘heel prick’ te
21 Aug

How pathology keeps our blood supply pumping

No one wants to be in a situation where they need a blood transfusion but unfortunately many people need donated blood in Australia every day. A person may need donated blood for several reasons. T
23 Jul

Collectors move the needle for a health-savvy Australia

Patients across Australia will soon be receiving more than a ‘sharp scratch’ and a band aid when they visit pathology collection centres. Starting in late July, pathology collectors across Aust
23 Jul

How pathology could help crack the peanut problem

Pathology testing to diagnose food allergies and monitor the effectiveness of a potential new treatment could transform the experience of food allergy sufferers and dramatically reduce risk for patien
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